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We find such passion-driven authors and their stories worth speical attention. They create because they care about the world they live in. They put their efforts to tell us about matters that otherwise stay invisible.

Such voluntary work is usually driven by enthusiasm, and rarely well paid: photographers sacrifice own financial interests and time in favor of covering what they find important.

mnngful is here to these caring storytellers to amplify the meaningful message of stories  they tell. We strive to back photographers and journalists in the work they do and make them confident, inspired and empowered to keep going.

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Since the launch in August 2021 we have published more than 50 stories and reached thousands of readers from 110 countries worldwide.

Every author is offered a fee and many authors decided donating it to charities. This is another big thing about indie authors and the tangible impact they strive to create via storytelling. This is one of our key goals — to create a truly worldwide project without geographic borders for both readers and authors.

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