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A person’s own life ultimately comes to a screeching halt when their child is born. They are no longer fully free or the center of their own universe as there is that tiny human whose creation they were responsible for and who cannot take care of their own basic needs.

© Shervine Nafissi | Noora
© Shervine Nafissi | Noora

Responsibilities and priorities shift and this is entirely natural. The science of “cuteness” (yes, there is such a thing, believe it or not) purports that it’s no coincidence that humans are drawn to small objects with large features, like a baby with those huge eyes, as finding babies (or puppies for that matter) cute makes us want to shield and nurture them. Without this, we would not be able to prolong our existence as a species.

It is expected and not to be frowned upon that once this tiny being begins to occupy a large chunk of your heart and day, you, as a photographer, would turn your lens to them. This is exactly what Shervine Nafissi did after he made a drastic shift from the legal world of law to the slightly less rational one of photography. Photographing one’s children serves two purposes beyond the “look how cute my kid is” type of parents on social media. It documents the moments you will never experience again with them - their first walk, their first tooth, their last cuddly toy, etc. - and it could create some interesting conversations with them once they are grownups. It also provides the parent with a creative outlet, an activity, a hobby, if you like, outside of parenting — too many mums and dads struggle with maintaining an identity separate from that of a parent so creating something and being useful in a different way could be hugely beneficial to the parent’s sense of worth.

© Shervine Nafissi | Noora
© Shervine Nafissi | Noora

Nafissi’s images are subtly muted in color, almost dream-like and painterly in their aesthetics.

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